Programming & Database Design

With an emphasis on on object oriented designs, and team members with a wide variety of experience (from a major "Port Authority Accounting & Management System" to multiplayer interactive gaming), WebCob is well suited to a wide range of development projects.

Working in a variety of languages & systems (Delphi, C, C++, Java, Palm, PERL and others) the focus is on "only the best tool for the job".

With experience in setup, management of many major RDBMS (including Oracle, MS-SQL & InterBase) and use of many other systems (DB/2, AS/400), our team can bring a wealth of knowledge to any integration project.

Internet applications awareness of many applications today is the norm, with the need to share information to maximize it's use becoming of paramount importance. Data transport systems have been implemented as an extension to previously non aware software, enhancing it's value and prolonging it's lifecycle. 

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