Though often trivialized, proper hosting really is the foundation of your internet presence. Hosting services fully customized to the customers requirements (and scalable for the future) are available.

Key Benefits

Powerful Hardware
  • Intel Pentium III, IV & XEON CPUs
  • 50 ns ECC Viking memory
  • 10,000 RPM Seagate HDDs:
  • "Ultra SCSI 2" disk I/O channels
Innovative Software
  • FreeBSD 4.X Unix O/S
  • SSH access
  • Apache 1.3.X Web Server
  • FTP, POP, IMAP, and SMTP servers
  • Extensive library of add-on programs such as database systems
Network Connectivity
  • In Harbour Centre - home of the BC Internet Exchange
  • Redundant OC12, OC3, and DS3 Internet connectivity
  • Cisco routers and switches with HSRP
  • Redundant power backup
  • 24/7 data center monitoring
Aggressive Security
  • Redundant data backup
  • Potentially insecure programs are disabled or removed
  • Hacking alert system immediately notifies system administrators
Option of Virtual Servers or dedicated systems (both stand alone and clustered!) with a variety of support options.
  • Full daily backup to disk mirrors with fast response to restore requests.
  • Scalable solutions
  • Can be integrated with a M.I.G. (Firewall / Intranet mail / web server) at the client site for a complete solution


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