Below you will find information on many of our key people. The list of people (and thereby combined capabilities) is always expanding. A top-line summary is provided here, with links allowing you to drill down for more information.

AndreAndre is a web developer, specializing in HTML, XML, ASP, Java Script and Flash. He has experience in developing e-commerce sites and B2B XML applications. Fluency in C++ and VB, building database client software. He is currently pursuing a bachelor degree in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University. In addition, he is enrolled in Martyn's prestigious "Guinness Appreciation 101" course.
DianaOriginally from Puerto Rico, Diana has formal training in business administration and accounting through the University of Puerto Rico, but confesses she is a people person. She is fully bi-lingual (English and Spanish).
LeeLee is a former Electronic Arts software developer, specializing in robust client/server and TCP/IP network programming in Windows & Linux. He has contributed over seven years experience to various companies, fully leveraging MFC, Win32, and DirectX. He has written custom heavy-usage server applications, and real-time client software for EAC, Inphinity Interactive and Network Gaming International, among others. In spite of (or perhaps because of ) his intimate relationship with technology, Lee has become a member of the The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) - makes you think... 
MartynEmily Carr trained, Martyn enjoys the freedom of creative lead and graphic designer. If you don't like the site, blame him - otherwise, the entire team will graciously accept the kudos. Working in a variety of tools including PhotoShop, Flash & more, Martyn adds esthetic appeal to all his projects.  Martyn is also the chief instruction in "Guinness Appreciation 101" (currently fully booked). In the coming months, the client gallery will fill with links to Martyn's designs.
MitchWith over 10 years of IT consulting experience, Mitch works in a broad range of technical areas - from administration to programming & project management, security consulting & web enabled applications. With a wealth of systems design and object oriented programming experience, Mitch is an asset to any project. He has worked with both Win32 & Unix with a wide variety of RDBMS including Oracle, InterBase & MS-SQL. An avid kite flyer when he's not at his station, Mitch often quips about changing his name to Jack.

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