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Otherwise known as the what, where, why and how of your data...

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A Summary of our Philosophy

WebCob Enterprises has a strong commitment to the protection of privacy.  Please inform us of any case where you feel these policies are not enforced.  We provide this notice to help you understand our policies, and link to it wherever personal information is collected.

  • No SPAM
  • No Cookies*
  • No Bother
  • No Lies!

We make every effort to reduce required information to a minimum, and use it only for the purpose stated at the time of collection.  This document is the basis for all WebCob affiliated sites, and may be referenced from those sites.  

*Cookie Exceptions: In the case of session related activities (time limited logons, shopping carts, etc.) it may be necessary to use something to track a visitor throughout the progress of their visit to the site.  A temporary session cookie may be attempted, but if that is rejected, a fallback method is used.

What is collected? Where, Why and How is it used?

You may access public areas of our site without giving us any personal information.  IP addresses are logged to maintain diagnostic and statistical information, but the user remains anonymous.  Tracking IP addresses helps us to assess our site, and determine the presence of and fix errors.  You web browser probably also indicates it's brand and version and the underlying operating system.

Password protected areas may require unique user registration, and of course we will know who these people are (in as much as the information collected is truthful - in most cases, only the email address will be known correct).

Email addresses are only captured in two cases:

  1. Feedback forms.  In this case, the user may enter an email address to allow us to respond directly by email.
  2. Opt-in email lists.  These lists, where available are provided for the benefit of our users.  Subscription is optional (you choose if you want to subscribe) and you may remove yourself at any time.

Addresses collected in either case are not reused for any other purpose than the one stated.  We do not rent, lease, sell, or loan this information.

No Spam. Period. Please reference our Server Policies about this.

What to do about concerns?

Questions or concerns about privacy matters can be sent to privacy@webcob.com or for snail mail and other means please refer to our complete contact information page.

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